* Energy Pathways of Life

Energy Pathways of Life 

Healing Arts of Kosho Ryu

Energy Pathways of Life: A study of the Meridian Systems of the Body. There is an old Zen Story of a boy coming to see a master and telling him he wants to learn to fight. The master tells the boy he must first learn how to heal, because hurting people is easy. There is a lot of truth in that story.

And something very important about it. I have been in the martial arts now for almost 40 years. And I have learned a lot from this study. And for me the martial arts is a study. I am always looking to learn and share what I learn. Today the martial arts is too focused on violence and not healing.

Over the years because of my study of both Kyusho Jitsu, Kosho Ryu, and Traditional Chinese Medicine I have learned a lot about health and the human body. As well as the teaching from my Chi Master.  She only taught about health. I grateful for her teachings.

But today people have been programmed into abdicating their health to people who are making trillions of dollars on them remaining ill, remain sick and dependent. And they attack if you even imply their is another way. "Trust the science" is the mantra of their religion. And these people took and oath to do no harm, yet are doing nothing but harm.

Energy Pathways of Life

The human body is amazing. It is basically an electromagnetic biological suit that has an amazing ability to heal almost any damage that is done to it. And all illness in the body, or DIS-EASE if you prefer is due to an imbalance in these energetic systems of the body.  And you, if you are a student of Kyusho Jitsu have researched and learned this information. But perhaps because of the way of the world you have not yet connected the dots. Pressure Points cause harm and also heal!

Energy Pathways of Life is a look at the human body and the meridian systems that travels within it. This information is thousands of years old, and yet today, their is an attempt to hide this knowledge from the people. Because if people understand this they no longer need the chemical du-jour offered by these "people."

Kyusho Jitsu gives a basic understanding of the 12 meridians and 2 vessels of the body. But there is much much more. Kyusho Jitsu is a study, a study of the meridian systems of the body, and how to disrupt them. But like the old Zen story speaks, hurting is easy, healing is much more important.

What is in this book?
  • How the Octagon ties to health
  • Understanding the flow of energy in the 12 Meridians and 2 Vessels
  • How the 24 hour Diurnal Cycle is the true KEY to health
  • Affects of Lifestyle on health
  • The causes of ALL illness
  • Our connection to ground [earth] and why ignoring this causes illness.
  • The cycle needed for a healthy mind and body
  • Effects of the sun and moon on health
  • Garbage in Garbage out theory
  • Stimulating energy flow in the meridians
  • Deep meridian flow within the body
  • Connection to the 5 elements
  • Breathing and Meditation
  • And much more!

This book is not a QUICK FIX for health. Rather it is about living a discipled life, developing good habits that will lead to outstanding health, energy and mental focus and balance in all things.

And this book is a part of a FULL martial arts education like that found in Kosho Ryu. The healing arts of Kosho Ryu are a very important as part of any martial arts education. And personal health is critical along this path of learning. Health must become the number one priority of people. It can no long be abdicated and never should have to begin with. Without health nothing else matters.

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