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Meridian Study Charts

Kyusho Meridian Study Charts

Meridian Study Charts

Meridian Study Chart

You need these Kyuhso Meridian Study Charts! One of the most challenging things about the study of Kyusho Jitsu is finding charts that you can print and use in your study! Well we have solved that issue!

14 Meridian Chart Set

Our Meridian Study Charts are images of all 12 meridians and the 2 Vessels, in addition to all points being shown for easy memorization. This 14 page PDF is printable so consequently you can add them to a book, or enlarge for wall charts.  Most of all these images were designed for me personally years ago to be specific for Kyusho Jitsu learning.

These charts are printable and of excellent quality. Also they are not crowded with unnecessary information like acupuncture charts are. These are especially relevant for Kyusho Jitsu study! Therefore these charts are a MUST!


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There is another amazing product on our sister website you will want to look at! This is our Kyusho Jitsu Essential Chart, with the principles, colours and other important information all in one place for you! This is also available in Spanish for my Spanish speaking friends! Just follow this is LINK to learn more!

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