Philosophy of Martial Arts:
Lessons Learned on the Path

* Philosophy of Martial Arts: Lessons Learned While on the Path

Philosophy of Martial Arts: Lessons Learned While on the Path. 

The study of the Martial Arts is not a destination but a lifelong journey. Along the path there are many obstacles and many victories. It is all part of the training.  

This is the story, true story, of 2 men who each started in the martial arts in different styles and different times. Yet after many years their path merged together. And after over a decade of training one came to the other for knowledge of a different art.  

The journey is unique for each and the story beneficial for all who love the martial arts and training. Why? Because it is a story of perseverance, overcoming obstacles of training and person lives. 

Why would you care? Because learning never stops and often stories of "celebrity" types are embellished. This book is the simple truth of the Path of Budo.

Philosophy of Martial Arts: Lessons Learned While on the Path

Co Authored by Grand Master Art Mason and one of his highest ranking Black Belts Master Philip Welch comes a book of love of the martial arts, or learning and training. 

This book will cover humble beginning to how they, along with Grand Master Scott Mason, have come to a project to build a Martial Arts training center called The Wolf's Den Dojo.  Which is going to be located high in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Based on the teaching and training of the masters of old. And also how you can experience this yourself.

There are many lessons to be learned as they discuss their training, and how the martial arts industry, like the Western Culture has lost its purpose and direction. And what can be done to correct the course.

This book will include accounts of training and the people met along the path. And also about the lineages, histories and teachers of the arts studied. This is not a book of bragging, but a reflection on the path of the martial arts.  And most importantly what drives us to continue to learn and train and decades.

Release information.

This eBook is expected to release Fall of 2023 just as we are breaking ground for the new Dojo.  No final price has been set for this eBook however you can preorder as usual and save. All proceeds from the sale of this book goes to another project the Wolf's Den Dog Rescue, saving and feeding abandoned street dogs and cats. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Forward by Grand Master Scott Mason.

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