Inner Budo: The Path to Healing Violence

* Inner Budo: The Path to Healing Violence

Part of the Kosho Ryu Concepts & Theories Series comes an all new book by Master Philip Welch called Inner Budo: The Path to Healing Violence. Kosho Ryu is a study, it is a study of life itself.

Martial Arts training is a PATH for our lives. It is NOT an activity, but a "way" of life. Every person on this world has had a terrible act of violence acted upon them by the evil in this world that call themselves the "elite." 

And now is a time for healing. For the first time I bring you a book by long time friend and student Master Philip Welch.

A talented martial artist and gifted healer he wrote this book not long ago and asked me if I wanted to offer this to the martial arts world. 

So we have partnered to add this to the Kosho Ryu eBook collection. However this book will benefit all who read it.

Inner Budo: The Path to Healing Violence

Here are some words from Master Phil. "Hi, I want to give a bit of background about myself and this book. When I was 13, my brother got hurt and was in some pain and crying. I was with him and I wanted to help him, so I wanted to heal him. And I remember moving my hands over his leg wanting to heal, but not knowing, remembering how to.

The 1st martial art that I achieved a black belt in was Aikido. I remember asking my Sensei to teach me how to heal after I had my 1st black belt. He looked at me and said that he didn't know how and he recommended that I find a Reiki teacher. And my 1st healing modality was Chi Kung that Master Art taught me.

This book is a combination of what I have learned from budo, energy healing and my spiritual life. And I hope that you will use it, apply what I share and seek truth and question everything."

Philip Welch

Inner Budo: The Path to Healing Violence is about learning to first heal yourself of the past and then to help others. And I believe in these times martial artists have a sacred responsibility to help others.  And Kosho Ryu and its teachings are path of this path.

If this book is of interest to you it is now available for immediate download.  

English and Spanish [Spanish coming]

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