Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice

* Kosho Ryu: Defeat Prejudice

Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice is part of the Kosho Ryu Series of eBooks. Today many people in the Western Cultures love to bastardize words for their agenda. I have no interest in these people or their agendas.

Language is important and people need to research and understand their native tongue. In the case of Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice this is about NOT making Gods out of techniques.

And understanding to do so is therefore stifling your personal growth within the martial arts.

What does this mean to defeat prejudice? In the martial arts it means to always have an open mind.  A mind open to learning and discovery.

The martial arts is a path of life itself. And when you continue to learn each and every day you also grow each day. No matter what your age is.

In order to defeat prejudice in the martial arts you must embrace the study. 

Train hard to learn and then train even harder to forget. Over martial arts history this has been called the "mind of no mind." And that term is very accurate. 

Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice

Education defeats prejudice. The oligarchs will even tell you this. But it is there education they are selling. There way of thinking. Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice is about the Kosho perspective on training and how to open the mind to see more, open the ears to hear more. And to open the mind to understand more.

Kosho is a study, a study of natural laws. Most of all understanding that natural laws are everything. There is no escape from natural laws. Therefore why would we not embrace this? And this book Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice will teach you how to observe rather then judge. Best of all this takes your martial art training to a new level! 

In Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice I will:
  • Explore foundational movement common to all martial arts
  • Discuss the concepts that led to the creation of Kata
  • How healing is a must in order to be an effective martial artist
  • Understanding what the attacker will do vs what you want to do
  • Why history matters
  • And why martial arts is a life study not an activity

Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice
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Kosho Ryu is the study of Natural Laws that govern existence. These laws cannot be broken. And these are laws not theories like modern pay for science speaks. The talk of laws that are unproven theories. Why??? For those BIG research grants. Always follow the money.

Kosho Ryu is not a martial art style. It is a study that last a lifetime and can include all things. And we must to grown and thrive be in a constant state of learning. And this book Kosho Ryu Defeat Prejudice is part of this.

I know you will love this eBook. But, if you do not love it after purchase you can contact me by submitting a ticket to my Support Site within 30 days of purchase and I will refund you!  If you are new to Kosho Ryu please checkout my FREE Kosho Ryu Beginners Guide, and my Introduction to Kosho Ryu Video Course.

Sometimes people will tell me they are too old to do something. Age is a number, life and learning are states of mind. And as the old saying goes "never say never" or in Romanian "niciodată să nu spui niciodată." And no I did not translate this with Google. You are never to old to learn!

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

Vă mulțumesc pentru timpul acordat și o zi minunată! Continua sa inveti!

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