Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion

* Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion

Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion: The 4th in the Kosho Shorei Ryu Concepts and Theories book is about motion and patterns of movement government by the laws of physics.

When the martial arts came to the west after WWII they came with soldiers who had learned for brief times in Asia. And also with migrants from the different Asian countries.

The problem was while the soldiers were dedicated, their education was incomplete.  

Often time only a few months to a year of training. And then they focused on sport to bring the arts to the main stream.

Those who migrated were very hesitant to teach all they knew to the students they taught.

However as the late 70's and 80's approached some Master of old began to teach everything to a small group of students.

The knowledge began to come forward.

Taught WRONG on Purpose

These masters taught their students wrong on purpose. And this was in reality brilliant! And the correct way to teach! 

But the problem was it never got corrected. Therefore much of the real teachings of the arts began to disappear as the obsession with sport and glory took over. The boats was missed. And this book Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion will close many of these gaps.

As the martial arts became more and more main stream, especially because of the Karate Kid movie the teaching became more and more watered down. Instructors began to teach children and had no idea of what they were doing. I was involved with this wave of kids.  It was a strange time. 

With the fad of martial arts movies the mystery of the arts began to disappear. Most of all as time went by the arts began to be considered "ineffective" for self defense and street usage. Martial Arts became a child's activity not a way of life. Adults thought this way too. 

Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion

However their are still complete martial art systems. Kosho Shorei Ryu as an example. Teachers that still consider the martial arts a way of life, not an activity. Most importantly I have been privileged to know some of these teachers. Men who wished to share their knowledge and keep these teaching alive.

And this inspired me to dedicate all of my adult life to training and teaching. Most of all I created a school dedicate to the path of Budo called Art Mason' Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts

Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion my new book is part of bringing this information to light, back into focus. 

What is in Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion?
  • Seeing the movement of the attacker thereby knowing what will happen
  • taking a reactive martial art to a responsive martial arts
  • natural movement within the octagon to control the attacker
  • deep understanding of body mechanics and angles
  • moving on time
  • when and how to move
  • remaining calm under fire
  • and much more

Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion is the 4th book in the Kosho Ryu series. These are perfect for anyone wishing to take their understanding of movement to a new level thus making everything they do more effective. You can also read the History of Kosho Ryu here.

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Kosho Ryu is the study of Natural Laws that govern existence. These laws cannot be broken. And these are laws not theories like modern pay for science speaks. The talk of laws that are unproven theories. Why??? For those BIG research grants. Always follow the money.

Kosho Ryu is not a martial art style. It is a study that last a lifetime and can include all things. And we must to grown and thrive be in a constant state of learning. And this book Kosho Ryu Natural Laws of Motion is part of this.

I know you will love this eBook. But, if you do not love it after purchase you can contact me by submitting a ticket to my Support Site within 30 days of purchase and I will refund you!  If you are new to Kosho Ryu please checkout my FREE Kosho Ryu Beginners Guide, and my Introduction to Kosho Ryu Video Course.

Sometimes people will tell me they are too old to do something. Age is a number, life and learning are states of mind. And as the old saying goes "never say never" or in Romanian "niciodată să nu spui niciodată." And no I did not translate this with Google. You are never to old to learn!

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

Vă mulțumesc pentru timpul acordat și o zi minunată! Continua sa inveti!

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