Kosho Ryu Sacred Geometry and the Octagon

Kosho Ryu Sacred Geometry and the Octagon

Kosho Ryu Sacred Geometry and the Octagon is part of the Kosho Ryu Series of eBooks. it is important to note that Sacred Geometry is something talked about a lot in the spiritual world, depending on the disciple. 

However it is important to understand how important the Octagon has been through the history of different religions, especially Buddhism.

And this is reflected in the Kosho crest.

But now I am not going to explore those roots, not in this book. In this book I am going to expand your understand of the Octagon my looking at it as a 3D object rather than a 2D object. Most of all we do all live in a 3D world.

Therefore Kosho Ryu Sacred Geometry and the Octagon will be a very different look at the natural laws that are taught in the study we call Kosho Ryu.

And study is everything. And Martial Arts training is a full life pathway. Mind - Body - Spirit.

But too much focus is given in the modern era to body, and not enough to MIND and SPIRIT.One understanding that should come from martial arts study is that the limits of the body are overcome with the mind. Not simply more fitness.  If you are new to Kosho the place to start is with my free Kosho Ryu Beginners Guide

Kosho Ryu is not a style of martial art but rather it is a study. And because it is a study it can be viewed as complete. This is because there is always something new to learn. Styles on the other hand have limitation. Because I have studied Kosho Ryu longer then Hapkido I could properly call my art Kosho Ryu Hapkido.

Kosho Ryu Sacred Geometry and the Octagon

Hence when the Octagon is first taught it is found on the ground. And this is where training must begin! However there are an infinite number of possibilities once the Octagon is made into 3 dimensions.  

What will be cover in Kosho Ryu Sacred Geometry and the Octagon?
  • Horizontal Octagon Planes
  • Vertical Octagon Planes
  • Angular Octagon Planes
  • Calculations of angles
  • Movement between planes
  • Layered hitting
  • And much more!

Kosho Ryu Sacred Geometry and the Octagon will be loaded with detail pictures and diagrams to help you understand this very complex subject with clarity. And this is not a book recommended for beginners. Very importantly I do suggest having completed some of the video courses on the Kosho Ryu Core Concepts first. 


English and Spanish Editions

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Kosho Ryu is the study of Natural Laws that govern existence. These laws cannot be broken. And these are laws not theories like modern pay for science speaks. The talk of laws that are unproven theories. Why??? For those BIG research grants. Always follow the money.

Kosho Ryu is not a martial art style. It is a study that last a lifetime and can include all things. And we must to grown and thrive be in a constant state of learning. And this book Kosho Ryu Sacred Geometry and the Octagon is part of this.

I know you will love this eBook. But, if you do not love it after purchase you can contact me by submitting a ticket to my Support Site within 30 days of purchase and I will refund you!  If you are new to Kosho Ryu please checkout my FREE Kosho Ryu Beginners Guide, and my Introduction to Kosho Ryu Video Course.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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