Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind - A Book for the Times. We live in the strangest times in human history. Many will say these are the end of times. And I am sorry they are the end of times.

That does not mean the end of life, but rather the end of an age. The destruction of the world is not happening just yet. No matter what LIES the media push about climate.

When did this begin? December 21st 2012 was when the age changed and this part of the journey began.

Kosho Ryu as I have stated a hundred times is not a martial art but rather a study. And Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind - A Book for the Times is part of this study.

Over the last centuries there has been a successful attempt by those who wish to control you to dumb down the population. And they have succeeded. 

However, those who train properly in the martial arts can either stop this from happening to them, or rebuild their own brain to where it should be. And then help others.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

This book, Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind will explain in great detail what has happened, and what to do to rebuild the mind. And the mind is everything. The martial arts today is NOT what it once was. Commercialization has caused it to be watered down. A great example is Tae Kwon Do. This was a once deadly art or style for the military that is now relegated to an art for children or BAD tournament competition. Watch a WTF tournament is like watch moss grow. YAWN...

And yet those who have followed this path get very angry when I say this. Why?

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind will teach that martial art training is Mind to Body, and then Mind to Spirit. It includes all aspects of life. And the student should become better with age, not deteriorate. It is NOT Body - Mind - Spirit. ANd the order does matter. 

In Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind I will address:

  • Training the mind is more important than training the body
  • How to deprogram what has been taught
  • Mind to body and mind to spirit connection
  • How the corrupt medical system of the west has drugged the population stupid.
  • Why the brain deteriorates and how to stop this. Age is a LIE.
  • R.A.S Reticular Activation System, and how to become a power thinker and creator
  • How "they" created FAKE intellectuals to kill God from the heart and mind.
  •  And much much more!

I read a book recently by Napoleon Hill called "Outwitting the devil." And no this was not the inspiration for Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind. I have seen the need for decades. But in this book Hill spoke that only 2 of the world's population could "think for themselves." Sadly from what I see in the world today he was 100% right. And this book was written in 1938. The number likely lower today. 

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

This book is about the "Great Awakening" and making sure as many as possible fully awaken before it is too late for them to do so.  And the "Great Awakening" is a spiritual awakening, but without the MIND this is a failure. Because dogma must be seen and removed. Lies must be exposed. And all your life, regardless of age everything you have been told is a LIE. This world is NOT what it appears to be. 

Detoxification of the body is essential for a healthy life. Especially if you have believed the lies of western medicine and have a cabinet full of drugs. Here is a LINK to help you with this process. But the mind needs to be detoxified too! The programming and cognitive dissonance must be removed. 

People must learn to connect the dots, and disconnect from being an addict to their emotions [Triple Warmer.]

Bruce Lee has stated in a great quote that "All knowledge is self knowledge." This means the answers to all question are from within, not from their alleged "experts" who preach to believe the science, when they refuse to show the work done to come to their conclusions.

Logic will tell you they are ALL LIARS. To push their agenda they use FEAR. Are you afraid today? Awaken the MIND and you will no longer live in fear! This is what Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind - A Book for the Times is all about.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind - Martial Art Study

Learning is something we can do all our lives. But if you do not use the brain it then atrophies. And very few people use their brains. And I do not mean this in a sarcastic tone either. And when I speak of this I am not talking about silly brain games like you see everywhere online today. That is like thinking tournament sparring and street defense are the same thing. Games are games, learning is learning. 

I am speaking about real learning, on whatever topic you choose.

As I look the martial arts world today i see the addiction to Facebook and teachers speaking about their glory days in the arts. This is so sad. Why are the "glory days" finished? Why are they in the past and still not yet to come? Because they believe the lies of aging. 

I often hear people say they are "too old to do something." What a pile of crap! No matter what stage in life you are in you can learn. I am not an extraordinary man. I am in my 60's as of this writing and I am in the process of learning a NEW and difficult language.

That language is Romanian. And I will be fluent by January 1st 2024. Because I understand what needs to be done and I have the disciple to do it!

Now I am not like many who is talking about things, I am DOING THEM. And I am successful because I have done the work. I understand how the brain works and how it learns. Most important to note here is because I have done the work I AM AWAKE.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

One of my favorite sayings is "never say never." Translated to Romanian this is "Niciodată să nu spui niciodată." And no I did not use Google Translate to so this. And I have a Romanian laptop, therefore it runs on the Romanian Language and has the Romanian keyboard for the extra letters. My phone is also in Romanian. 

You can do anything! But you have to learn to open the mind , awaken yourself to do so! And in this book Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind that is exactly what I am going to do, TEACH you how to do this. And if there is one think I do well that is teach. Everything I know you will learn from this book!

Testimonial on Kosho Ryu the Awakened Mind

"I have had the fun, joy and honor of being Master Art 's student for a number of years now.

One of the things that I always enjoyed, benefited from and enjoyed is the talk he will give in class, pushing us to push our minds, to not be in a box with our thinking and awareness.

This book is an example of that, of what he does and this is also Master Art being very generous with what he knows, generous with lots of information that can help us be more aware, more Awakened, more empowered and more excited to train and to take our training to new heights and areas that we have not thought of.

It is important to understand that the mind is everything and that this is where the true work and battle is."

"Please read this book, Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind and take the "
red pill. ""

Philip Welch

This very important book is now available for download. This is truly a book for the times!

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What will this Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind teach?

One of the most important things is that "IQ" is not fixed, that is a LIE.  In this book you will learn how to learn, how to remember and how to THINK, which is connecting dots, and see abstract things.

And those who wish to repress you are terrified of this happening in MASS: But it is happening NOW! Don't be left behind.

This knowledge makes you immune to lies! I will also expose many lies so you can see this pathway clearly.

Martial Arts is not a style, there are styles, like Hapkido and this is important. But Kosho Ryu is a Study. And Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind is part of the series on Kosho Ryu. My style is Hapkido, the martial art I study is Kosho Ryu.

Kosho is an awakening for every martial artist.

It is based on James Mitose Kenpo, properly named Kosho Shorie Ryu Kempo who is one of the great grand masters of the 20th century. He believed in a life time of study. And so should you! 

All things are the path of learning are martial arts. This includes my study of Romanian. Learning a language requires focus and awareness. Plus the lost art of listening. Is this not martial art training?

And because I understand how the mind, how the brain works I am listening to Romanian music at the same time as I write all of this. Programming the language into the brain. ANYONE can do this! I am not special.

Do not wait!

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I hope you will join me on the truth path of martial arts, that is learning for a lifetime. The things you see right now in the world in June 2023 will NOT STAND.

But the new world, a wonderful world coming is not for everyone. You must be prepared to learn the extent of the lies, and rebuild in a new prosperous and better way.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

Vă mulțumesc pentru timpul acordat și o zi minunată! Continua sa inveti!

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