Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind - A Book for the Epochs. In an era marked by unparalleled strangeness, where the whispers of apocalypse echo louder than ever, we stand at a crucial juncture not of endings, but of monumental transitions. This isn't the finale of existence but the dawn of a new epoch, undeterred by the cacophony of falsehoods surrounding our climate and future.

The pivotal moment arrived on December 21st, 2012, heralding a shift in our collective journey. It's essential to understand that Kosho Ryu transcends the boundaries of traditional martial arts; it is a profound study, a discipline for the mind as much as it is for the body. "Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind - A Book for the Epochs" emerges as a beacon in this study, guiding those who seek truth and strength in these turbulent times.

For centuries, there has been a deliberate effort to diminish the collective intellect and spirit of humanity, an effort that, sadly, has seen its measure of success.

Yet, within the discipline of martial arts - and Kosho Ryu, in particular - lies the power to counteract this decline. 

Through rigorous training, one can not only shield themselves from this intellectual erosion but can also rejuvenate their cognitive capacities to their fullest potential, becoming a pillar of wisdom and resilience in a world that desperately needs guidance.

This book, Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind is not merely a collection of insights; it is a call to arms for the mind, an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through the
teachings of Kosho Ryu, you can forge a path of enlightenment and aid in the awakening of others, contributing to a brighter, more aware future for all. Join us in embracing the challenges of our times with an awakened mind and a steadfast heart.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

"Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind" delves into the profound shifts that have occurred, offering an in-depth exploration of how to revitalize the mind - the very core of our being. In today's world, the essence of martial arts has been diluted, a shadow of its historic might and depth. Take Tae Kwon Do, for instance: originally a formidable martial art developed for the military, it has been transformed by commercialization into a variant more suited to children's activities and lackluster tournament scenes. The excitement and depth once found in traditional practices seem to have faded, replaced by routines that lack the vigor and spirit of their origins.

This transformation has stirred discontent among purists and practitioners alike. But why the resistance to such a statement? "Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind" proposes a return to the martial art's roots, emphasizing the integral connection of Mind to Body, and subsequently, Mind to Spirit. This philosophy asserts that martial arts encompass all aspects of life, advocating for personal growth and improvement that does not wane with age but rather enhances. This book , Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind corrects the commonly misconceived hierarchy of Body-Mind-Spirit, insisting on the primacy of the mind in the journey towards mastery.

In this pivotal work, readers are invited to rediscover the essence of martial arts as a comprehensive discipline that molds not just the physical form but nurtures the mind and spirit, ensuring that practitioners evolve and refine themselves continuously. "Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind" is not just a guide to martial arts; it is a manifesto for lifelong learning and personal development, emphasizing that the journey towards enlightenment is perpetual and that true mastery lies in the seamless unity of mind, body, and spirit.

In Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind I will address:

In "Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind," we delve into pivotal themes that underscore the paramount importance of mental fortitude over physical prowess. Highlights of Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind include:

- **The Primacy of Mental Training:** Emphasizing why cultivating the mind supersedes the physical training in importance.
- **Deprogramming Misconceptions:** Strategies to unlearn and cleanse the mind of societal and systemic indoctrinations.
- **Synergizing Mind, Body, and Spirit:** Exploring the dynamic interplay between mental acuity, physical health, and spiritual depth.
- **Challenging Western Medicine:** A critical examination of how the Western medical model has contributed to a decline in cognitive function through overmedication.
- **Combatting Cognitive Decline:** Unveiling truths about brain health, debunking the myth of inevitable mental deterioration with age, and providing strategies for preservation and enhancement.
- **Harnessing the Reticular Activating System (RAS):** Techniques to unlock the full potential of your brain for powerful thinking and creativity.
- **The Manufacture of False Intellectualism:** Revealing the systemic efforts to erode spiritual belief and genuine intellect in society.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind isn't a fleeting response to a moment's inspiration but a response to a decades-long observation of a dire need for mental liberation and empowerment. Inspired by Napoleon Hill's insights in "Outwitting the Devil," where he lamented that a mere 2% of the population truly thinks independently—a figure that, distressingly, may have dwindled further since its 1938 publication. "Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind" is more than a manual; it's a manifesto for reclaiming the power of the mind, challenging the status quo, and stepping into the fullness of one's potential as a thinker and creator in a world that desperately needs genuine, self-empowered intellects. Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind is a one of a kind eBook.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

"Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind" is a clarion call for the "Great Awakening," urging individuals to reach a state of full consciousness before it becomes irreversibly late. This awakening, though spiritual at its core, hinges critically on the mind's liberation. For true awakening, it's imperative to dismantle dogma, unveil the lies that have been masqueraded as truths, and acknowledge the stark reality that much of what we've been led to believe is a meticulously crafted illusion. Our world is not as it seems; it's a complex maze designed to obscure the truth.

The journey towards enlightenment demands not only a spiritual detox but a physical one as well, challenging the conventional dependencies endorsed by Western medicine. The path to wellness is fraught with the need to purge oneself of the pharmaceutical crutches that have become all too common. Equally vital is the mental detoxification process, stripping away years of programming and cognitive dissonance that cloud our perception and hinder our ability to see clearly.

This process involves learning to piece together the fragments of reality and stepping back from emotional dependencies that often cloud judgment. Bruce Lee's wisdom that "All knowledge is self-knowledge" underscores the necessity of looking inward for answers, rather than relying on external "experts" whose motives and methods are frequently questionable at best. Their so-called scientific assertions often lack transparency and are driven by an agenda that leverages fear to manipulate and control.

"Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind" embarks on this journey, equipping readers with the insights needed to break free from fear, to question the narratives fed by authorities, and to ignite a profound inner transformation. It's an invitation to awaken the mind, to live fearlessly, and to embrace a life of true freedom and enlightenment.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind - Martial Art Study

Learning is a lifelong journey, one that keeps the mind vibrant and ever-expanding. However, it's a sad truth that the brain can atrophy from disuse, and unfortunately, many fall into this trap, not from a lack of intelligence, but from a lack of application. This isn't about indulging in the myriad of 'brain games' found online, which, while entertaining, hardly equate to the depth and richness of true learning. True learning involves engaging deeply with subjects that ignite your passion and curiosity.

In observing today's martial arts community, there's a noticeable trend towards nostalgia, with many veterans reminiscing about their "glory days" rather than creating new ones. This backward glance is often rooted in the misconceptions surrounding aging—a belief system that unduly limits potential and growth. The idea that one is "too old" to embark on new ventures or learn new skills is a myth that needs dispelling. Age, as they say, is just a number, and it should never be a barrier to personal development or the pursuit of knowledge.

Take my personal journey as an example: In my 60s, I embarked on the challenge of mastering a new and complex language—Romanian. With a target of fluency by January 1st, 2025, my progress is a testament to what can be achieved with dedication and discipline. This endeavor isn't just about adding another skill to my repertoire; it's a declaration that growth and learning know no age limits.

My journey underscores a critical truth: success comes from action, not mere words. By understanding the mechanics of how the brain learns and applying that knowledge with unwavering discipline, I've not only advanced my linguistic skills but have also achieved a state of heightened awareness and wakefulness. This narrative isn't unique to me; it's accessible to anyone willing to invest the effort and challenge the status quo of aging and learning.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind

One of my guiding principles is the timeless adage, "never say never," or as it's beautifully articulated in Romanian, "Niciodată să nu spui niciodată." My journey into the Romanian language didn't rely on shortcuts like Google Translate. Instead, I immersed myself fully, adapting my daily tools to this rich language—my laptop operates in Romanian and features a keyboard designed for its unique alphabet, and even my phone navigates in this language.

This level of commitment is a testament to the belief that anything is achievable with an open and willing mind. Awakening to your potential is the first step toward transcending limitations. In "Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind," I aim not just to share this philosophy but to impart practical wisdom on how to embody it. Teaching is not just a skill but a passion for me, and I am committed to ensuring that the knowledge and experiences I've gathered are conveyed in a way that can transform and enlighten.

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind is more than a guide; it's an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. By unlocking the mind, you unlock infinite possibilities. "Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind" promises to be a pivotal companion in your journey towards self-awakening, offering the tools and insights necessary to open your mind and achieve what you once thought impossible.

Testimonial on Kosho Ryu the Awakened Mind

"I have had the fun, joy and honor of being Master Art 's student for a number of years now.

One of the things that I always enjoyed, benefited from and enjoyed is the talk he will give in class, pushing us to push our minds, to not be in a box with our thinking and awareness.

This book, Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind is an example of that, of what he does and this is also Master Art being very generous with what he knows, generous with lots of information that can help us be more aware, more Awakened, more empowered and more excited to train and to take our training to new heights and areas that we have not thought of.

It is important to understand that the mind is everything and that this is where the true work and battle is."

"Please read this book, Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind and take the "
red pill. ""

Philip Welch

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What will this Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind teach?

Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind is about dispelling the myth that intelligence is immutable is one of the pivotal themes in this book. You will not only explore the dynamics of learning, remembering, and thinking—connecting dots and appreciating abstract concepts—but also understand that the notion of a fixed "IQ" is a fallacy. This revelation is revolutionary, capable of freeing minds en masse, a change that is unfolding now. Don't find yourself trailing in the wake of this transformative wave.

By mastering this knowledge, you become impervious to deception. I aim to unravel various falsehoods, clearing the path for you to see and understand the world more clearly. It's crucial to recognize that martial arts transcends styles like Hapkido; while styles are significant, Kosho Ryu represents a deeper pursuit of knowledge. "Kosho Ryu: The Awakened Mind" is a continuation of this exploration, where my practice in Hapkido complements the broader study of Kosho Ryu.

Kosho Ryu offers an awakening to every martial artist, grounded in the philosophies of James Mitose Kenpo, also known as Kosho Shorie Ryu Kempo. Mitose, a seminal figure of the 20th century, advocated for lifelong learning—a principle that resonates deeply with the ethos of Kosho Ryu.

Learning, in its truest form, is a martial art in itself. My venture into the Romanian language, requiring diligence, focus, and the often overlooked art of listening, mirrors the discipline required in martial arts training. Currently, as I pen these thoughts, Romanian music plays in the background, subtly encoding the language into my neural pathways. This method of immersive learning underscores a fundamental truth: the capability to learn and adapt in this manner is not exclusive to a select few. Anyone can adopt these strategies, for I am no exception to the rule. Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind is an invitation to embark on a journey of intellectual and spiritual growth, leveraging the untapped potential of your mind to embrace a lifetime of discovery and enlightenment.

If you seek to understand the times, and yourself Kosho Ryu The Awakened Mind is a book for you!

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