Mastering the Octagon

* Mastering the Octagon

Mastering the Octagon - Kosho Shorei Ryu, based on the Natural of Laws of Motion, escaping arts and Self Defense. I had to consider a very long time how I was going to present this information. Should it be a video course? Or should it be an eBook. 

And considering the detailed technical information I have decided it is best done in book format. This way I can used a detailed combination of images, text and charts to educate properly.

The next question is there a wolf on the book cover?

Interestingly this information comes from my extensive study of Kosho Ryu as part of Kosho Ryu International and Hanshi Rick Buchan.  Something you will notice about Kosho and Kempo is how often the wolf is used as a symbol of the study. So why did I chose this?

Back a year or so ago I was watching a video of a wolf pack hunting buffalo. The "alpha" male wolf after chasing the buffalo was finally confronted by it. He moved in the Octagon upon the charge of the buffalo to avoid begin gored, then changed angles and bit the leg severing the artery.

Amazing stuff!

And this made me really contemplate the learning. And now you will benefit!

Is this a Certification?

I have 2 certification courses in Octagon study at Kyusho Jitsu University.  If you are interested in certification based on the teaching of this eBook Mastering the Octagon, then the other courses must be taken and exams completed to certify. But you can use Mastering the Octagon also just for information. This is an A-Z book and will get you up to speed. I am continuing my learning in Kosho personally and will consider Kosho Instructor courses in the future.

Here are links to the 2 Video Courses and the Beginners eBook

  1. Kyusho Jitsu and the Secrets of the Octagon eBook
  2. Beginners Octagon Video Course (Important updates on these courses on website)
  3. Advanced Octagon Video Course

And I must also this information is based on the teaching of James Mitose. I am continuing my learning with the heir to Kosho and Hanshi Buchan's teacher Hanshi Juchnik. Read the history of Kosho Ryu.

What is in this eBook?

Some of the things I am going to cover I will leave as a surprise, however here is a short breakdown of some of the content. 

  • Angles of the Octagon
  • String theories
  • Escaping arts,
  • Healing arts.
  • Calligraphy
  • Exposure of vulnerable pressure points
  • Triangular alignment and pressure points
  • Movement "through" the 45 degree
  • 10,000 techniques become one
  • Closing the cage door
  • No Body Contact
  • History
  • And much more!

This is a premium book, done in eBook form. 

In English & Spanish Editions

And a BONUS Audiobook Edition in English

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