The Truth about Online
Privacy and Security

*Revelations of Online Privacy and Security

Revelations of Online Privacy and Security: Technology has changed world especially in the last 20 years. And as a direct result of these incredible advances and many other factors we have lost our Online Privacy and Security.

The truth is we have NO PRIVACY anymore and as result we no longer have any form of real security either! 

The narrative from the government says something different, however that narrative is a BOLD FACE LIE!

National Security is used as the reason for the striping of your privacy, but the truth of the worlds "National Security" means security of the STATE, not the individual!  

Your politician have sold you out to BIG tech corporations like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Revelations of Online Privacy and Security

How much is monitored? Everything depending on the technologies you own! If you have a smartphone no matter who manufactures it the microphone is always active listening and transmitting every conversation your have. Your text message are read and stored, your emails, your photos, your exact location. The camera is turned on to take pictures to help identify YOU and WHERE YOU ARE. And with the "internet of things" there will be no place you can be to be private. A "Smart TV" in your bedroom means even your intimate activities are spied on! 

Do you have children? Believe me they have no clue about how there activities are being watched and often by VERY BAD players.

What can you do?

Yes there are real solutions to this problem! But it means you need to take action! This does not mean taking to the streets and protesting. Nor does it mean calling your representative to complain! We are long past that point! It does mean however doing things in your life to take back you privacy, and thereby your security by becoming "invisible" online!

Please watch this short video below that will explain more and why this new eBook / video is so very important today!

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Revelations in Online Security and Privacy 
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Live Cyber Threats around the World

Do you still think there is nothing to be worried about?

Revelations of Online Privacy and Security

In my new eBook / video set called "Revelations of Online Privacy and Security" I am going to explain to you what has happened, how and why it has happened, and the steps to take to assure your privacy once again in our connected world. 

I have been asked "if this is so important why is it not free?" Because very simply expenses have to be paid. For one the massive security I have running on my servers to protect your accounts. Second drive space and bandwidth must be paid for. I use my OWN servers to deliver this content to you!  This is being delivered from the Kyusho Jitsu World Cloud Servers.

Also and very importantly you are purchasing a LIVE product. This includes written information and as of this writing 15 video tutorials.

Best yet all of this in laymen's terms!

This is the most important book, Revelations of Online Privacy and Security I have written to date! Many questions have been asked about this project. With that in mind I have expanded the idea to include video examples and tutorials on exactly how to secure your privacy.

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