Tao of Health and Longevity

* Tao of Health and Longevity

Tao of Health and Longevity. I am writing this book because I see a need. My views of health and longevity changed when I met my Korean Chi Master, Grand Master Che back in 1989. I was already very concerned with what I was seeing the western medical world, and its very authoritarian attitude. Today most people see this!

So I renounced it all! I flushed everything in the medicine cabinet and never looked back. Before I did this I got 3 colds per winter season and I had no energy. Today at almost 62 as of this writing I am never sick, and I mean NEVER. I sleep great at night. And this is because I realize that my health is my responsibilityNot the governments! In fact it is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!

The results are a product of my day to day thoughts, getting moderate exercise and what I put in my body and when i do it! But there is a specific path. 

Tao of Health and Longevity will discuss in incredible death all the things I do and have done to get where i am in this path.  I never take pain killers because pain does not hurt. And I do not get up at night to pee! I would estimate that most men my age get up several times at night! And there is a reason!

I do not take vitamins, nor ANY product. Today you are bombarded with "detox" products and supplements that are just not necessary! Tao of Health and Longevity maybe all you need.

Tao of Health and Longevity

Today we are living in a world of medical tyranny. And this is because of PROFIT!  Western Medicine is only about profits and has been for 100 years. And today ten of thousands of REAL doctors are standing up and telling the truth that you have been had! Why would you trust YOUR HEALTH to someone profiting from you remaining ill? 

Tell me I am wrong when 1/3 of deaths in hospitals are medical malpractice? I have known personally 11 people died of medical malpractice. Think about that for a moment! And that more people die as a result of prescription drugs than illegal drugs. Look at he vast amounts of drugs PUSHED on TV that are NOT NEEDED!

Fast food is not an option! Unless you want to die young! Yet those who allegedly advise people of potential health dangers fail to stop this!

Why is this important? Because without good health nothing else in life will matter. WE spend years training our bodies to do amazing things, they without disciple poison our bodies with processed foods, and garbage. People fall for fades rather than time tested disciples.

The Tao of Health and Longevity is about learning a disciple, a way of life linked to martial arts that when practiced will change your world. This is ancient information based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism. This is about things I do daily.  If you have concerns this book, Tao of Health and Longevity may be for you!

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Kosho Ryu is the study of Natural Laws that govern existence. These laws cannot be broken. And these are laws not theories like modern pay for science speaks. The talk of laws that are unproven theories. Why??? For those BIG research grants. Always follow the money.

Kosho Ryu is not a martial art style. It is a study that last a lifetime and can include all things. And we must to grown and thrive be in a constant state of learning. And this book Tao of Health and Longevity is part of this.

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Sometime people will tell me they are too old to do something. Age is a number, life and learning are states of mind. And as the old saying goes "never say never" or in Romanian "niciodată să nu spui niciodată." And no I did not translate this with Google. You are never to old to learn! This book Tao of Health and Longevity will help you out greatly! 

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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