Dim Mak Iron Shirt

Secrets of Kyusho Part Three

* Dim Mak Iron Shirt

What is the Dim Mak Iron Shirt? Martial arts are full of legends, especially so when it comes to the 72 arts of the Shaolin Temple in China.

It is correctly believed that the body can be trained to withstand impact from many different methods of attack. The training is a combination of the physical, mental and spiritual practices. Plus the use of Chi.

However despite the many disbeliever, and as usual the disbelievers are those who never study, claim the iron shirt is not possible. However there is much evidence to the contrary and success of this discipline.

So in this book I will take a look at traditional Shaolin methods. Most of all updated for today's world and understanding. This all new book will come in several parts, the first being the physical training that the student needs to do. Second with the mental training and finally the spiritual aspects of Dim Mak Iron Shirt.

And how effective will this training be? Once again like anything else it will depend on the student.  And the amount of training they are willing to put into become effective and mastering this aspect of the martial arts.

Most importantly will the training work? Yes it will help you to protect vulnerable areas of the body from attack. And not just from physical blunt trauma strikes but Kyusho Jitsu / Dim Mak strikes as well!

What will you learn?

1) Development of your body for physical protection
2) Chi development for energetic proteaction
3) History of the Dim Mak Iron Shirt
4) And much more!

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This third part of the Secrets of Kyusho Jitsu Series will blow your mind. The body is an amazing tool once understood fully. And very few people do understand! This is very old knowledge but will help to complete your martial arts training.

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