Kyusho Jitsu Ground Fighting

* Kyusho Jitsu Ground Fighting

Sometimes, not always, fights or attacks end up on the ground. Kyusho Jitsu Ground Fighting is going to FINALLY address this issue. My all new, never before seen eBook on the art and science of pressure point fighting if you end up falling or being taken to the ground.

There is a lot of propaganda about fights going to the ground. And this was done to create the MMA/UFC industry. This new eBook, Kyusho Jitsu Ground Fighting is not about sport. It is about dealing with ending up on the ground in an attack in which case the problem must be ended QUICKLY!!

Many of the "naysayers" will be more than happy to give you their uniformed, uneducated opinion that pressure points do not work, and certainly not if you end up on your back.

But the truth is, on your back you have a BIG advantage. Never listen to those who tell you "cannot" because they are referencing their failed training and failures in life.

Who am I to talk about this subject? Well for one I am a career martial arts teacher, with almost 40 years in the arts. And being full time I had the time and resources to study many different things. 

And I also have a wrestling background.

Once this book Kyusho Jitsu Ground Fighting is understood and consumed you will never be worried about ending up on your back again!

What is this book about?

  • Knockouts while on your back
  • Dislocating joints of the attacker
  • Getting up fast by causing pain beyond imagination
  • Using the Octagon while on your back to access deadly pressure points
  • Preventing a takedown
  • And much more!

The information and images in this book will below your mind. This is all trainable information to take your martial art and Kyusho understanding to a new level. And this is also teachable information!

This book contains the basics to get you started and also give you a solid base for training. However once again you need to train and apply this information to get the result! 

Available in English and Spanish

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