Kyusho Jitsu's Principle of Body Mechanics

Principle of Body Mechanics

Kyusho Jitsu's Principle of Body Mechanics. One of the most important of all the principles of Kyusho study is Body Mechanics.

And this principle is not a simple as students first think it is. It is a very deep and complex study! In the novice pressure point study, I will speak of “correct angle and direction” as well as the Kyusho Power Principle and the 3 Factors of the Opponent. But that is only the beginning!

Perhaps 1% of the total body mechanics picture. There is so much to body mechanics, it really can be a lifetime of study.

But the problem is many Kyusho Jitsu students believe this is where Body Mechanics ends. And this is simply only the beginning. 

You can make up for bad body mechanics to some degree with other principles, like the Cycle of Destruction. However, it is far better to rely on Body Mechanics above all other principles. 

And in Kyusho Jitsu's Principle of Body Mechanics, my new eBook I am going to go beyond anything I have taught on the subject before.

I have written many books on the subject of Kyusho Jitsu. And I am sure this one will be very well received. 

Kyusho Jitsu's Principle of Body Mechanics

Do you really need Kyusho Jitsu’s Principle of Body Mechanics? Well, that depends on if you want to get by using pressure points, or you really wish to excel with them. Personally, I decided long ago to excel above anyone else I knew. And I always share my knowledge with those who are interested in learning. 

That is how we keep the arts alive! Martial Arts is a journey, a study, and one of great value to those who dedicate themselves to the study.  

So what will you learn from Kyusho Jitsu’s Principle of Body Mechanics? Let's take a few minutes and take a look!

Kyusho Jitsu’s Principle of Body Mechanics will include
  • Correct use of stances and transitions
  • How power is actually created
  • Proper use of pressure point types. [Press, Rub and Strike]
  • Finding the correct angle and direction under fire.
  • How to keep the pressure points centered in your line of fire.
  • The correct tools for the job
  • And much more.

I had the idea for this book called Kyusho Jitsu’s Principle of Body Mechanics is from a different video course I was doing recently. And I felt the best way to get the information across to the student was with the written word. Therefore, I am going to release this all new publication to the Kyusho Jitsu devotee. 

Now Online.

English and Spanish Editions!

Order NOW!!!
ONLY $49.97!

I promise you will love Kyusho Jitsu’s Principle of Body Mechanics! So why wait, order your copy today! And if after 30 days you are not happy, then put in a Support Ticket and I will be happy to refund you the price you paid for this very, essential eBook. But I am not worried, you will love my Kyusho Jitsu’s Principle of Body Mechanics.

If you are new to the study of, the science of pressure points called Kyusho Jitsu then I suggest beginning with my Complete Kyusho Jitsu Learning Guide from A to Z.  This will give you a solid foundation. 

Pressure points is a remarkable study, and it is just that, a study. One that takes time to master. But the results are well worth the effort. And if you are new, but not sure that Kyusho Study is for you, then visit my FREE Kyusho Jitsu website right now. 

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. Keep learning.

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