Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

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What is Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy?

Have you ever wondered as an example what BL-55 does? Or perhaps ST-15? There are over 361 plus pressure points on the human body and each has its own purpose. And they can be classified as destructive or healing. But the problem is how do you know the difference? What function does each point have and what if anything happens when I hit it? In walks Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

And how do I hit it?

This all new eBook called Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy will cover everything you need to know about EVERY pressure point on the human body! It will truly be the Grey's Anatomy of Kyusho Jitsu.

Lung Meridian

The Lung Meridian

What this eBook is about:
  • List and function of all pressure points by meridian
  • Function of each pressure point destructive & healing aspects
  • Nerves, muscles and blood vessels related to the pressure point
  • Eastern and western medical viewpoints

What this eBook is NOT about:
  • Kyusho Theories or Principles
  • Techniques or applications

This eBook Includes:
  • Detailed Diagrams and pictures
  • In depth explanations of each pressure point

This eBook will also cover....
  • Alarm Points
  • Associated Alarm Points
  • Special Alarm Points
  • Extraordinary Pressure Points
  • And much more!!

Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy is the ULTIMATE reference book for expanding your knowledge of the science of pressure point self defense and helping to tailor it to your root style of art!

This eBook is expected to be about 200 pages of information, pictures and diagrams! The final edition is now online and can be ordered for immediate download. Spanish will be coming within a few more weeks. However you can PreOrder the Spanish edition and same right now! 

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What "Sneak Peak" reader have to say!

Hubert Laenen

It’s very detailed and professional.



Patrick McGuigan

I found the book fantastically enlightening, the easy to remember information was clear and percise, the diagrams were really easy to follow, with this book, I believe one can gain real knowledge of the inner workings of Kyusho

It had an abuntance of knowledge and great detail on the subject matter

Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend this ebook

Andy Howard

It is structured well and easy to follow

I imagine so coming from a novice.Without question

Yes, without question.

Juan Lujan

Very very good. I've been watching videos from Kyusho Jitsu master Scott Rogers and Paul Bowman. My jaw was on the floor. I have explored some of those pressure points on my own body and yes i do feel something there. I can do this all day. I love it. Wow.

VERY. Some of those terms of the anatomy i have to look up to locate pressure point but the meridian itself is self explanatory.

Indeed. It opened my eyes. It gave me a purpose. A target. A purpose to throw a punch or to end an altercation peacefully. I'm hooked

Chris Michiels

Nice reference

Pressure point impact/contact directions would be an added value in this KJ reference

I might upon receiving and reading the complete ebook

Hubert Laenen

It is very professional and educational for beginners and advanced students.

Yes,it is.

Yes, we are teaching Kyusho Jutsu already for a while and I am thinking to use your educational way to teach the system.

Al "Mac" MacDonald

Have been an almost lifelong M.A. with a diverse background. Kyusho Jitsu has almost intrigued and fascinated me abit. I find the layout very straightforward. It is EASILY understood in the English version which I previewed. The charts of meridians and poi ts were layed out well enough that a neophyte such as myself had no issue understanding it !! (Memorizibg it ? Different story !! Lol gonna take a LONG time) .I definitely plan on adding this to my references and training.

Yea it was. Without being overloaded with too many tidbits tbat may be better suited to a subject mTter history course for example. Enough to understand origins etc wlithout drowning in detail.

Yes. I am a seasoned .artial Artist but I am student as well (brand new KJ student - Zero experience. save a month or so of reading and learning ). And I DO plan on buyingbthis after the holidays. Highly recommended as per my preview. Great job GM Mason


It is everything that a kyusho practitioner would need for studying the meridians and points. The organization of this manuscript is perfect.

This book is chock full of details and wonderful diagrams and graphics.

Of course. It’s a gem!

Jose Cordero

En mi opinion estuvo bueno el libro recomendable



Master Hassen Aymo

Its It's very nice book teaches point by points. And its short an clear to understand without borong. Thank you GM

No if you make it rubbing striking and pressing point of every point with techniques how to use it . It will be mor beneficial to readers of the book. Thanks GM

Yes i do. Its easy to understand and its short No more boring to read. Thanks GM

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