Principles of the Grand Master

* Principles of the Grand Master

Would you like to KNOW The Kyusho Principles of the Grand Master? Have you ever wondered what makes these men and women so AMAZING? If you answer YES, then this is perhaps the Most Important message you will read all YEAR!

Principles of the Grand Master,

If you are reading this message, then I know you want to know.  After 20 plus years of intense study of the art and science of pressure point study called Kyusho Jitsu I have refined this information into a formula that is easily teachable to the student who just cannot get enough!

This eBook is not for everyone. It goes in depth with more information, more details on how to make pressure points work in almost every occasion and on everyone you encounter!

In this book I will be talking about what are essentially the 5 FINAL Principles, but these are also divided into sub-principle which will all be included!

So who is this Principles of the Grand Master eBook for?

Anyone who…

  • Is serious about the study of Kyusho
  • Has the ability to work and train the contents of the eBook
  • Is open minded and ready to learn!

Who is it NOT for?

  • Anyone who has not done the basics!
  • Someone who thinks they have all the answers
  • Those who is not active in the martial arts

What is in this NEW eBook? Detailed information on the following

  • Influential Pressure Points
  • Indicator Pressure Points
  • Confluent Pressure Points
  • Collateral Pressure Points
  • Extraordinary Points
  • Special Alarm Points

Principles of the Grand Master is an advanced look at the study that is know as Kyusho Jitsu. This book is not recommended for novices. For someone new I recommend the Complete Kyusho Jitsu Learning Guide from A to Z. Do not miss out on this special price either!

English and Spanish Editions

ONLY $29.97

Martial Arts is for everyone. And it does not matter where you begin, only that you begin. 

Learning is for a lifetime.

How often have you heard someone say that they are "too old for" something? There is not truth to this as age is a state of mind. Anyone can do the Principles of the Grand Master. Age is a state of mind. The concepts and principles found in Kyusho Jitsu make the study timeless.

Too many martial artists my age have relegated themselves to talking about their glory days at a coffee shop, or worse social media platforms.  They also talk that pressure points do not work on the street. That is because they have not pursued the right information. And Principles of the Grand Master is the right information!

And the best part, if you purchase this important and amazing eBook and are not happy within the first 30 days I will refund you. Just submit a
 Support Ticket. But I know you will love my Principles of the Grand Master eBook! Do you prefer Video Courses on Kyusho Jitsu.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

Vă mulțumesc pentru timpul acordat și o zi minunată! Continua sa inveti!

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