Principles of the Grand Master

* Principles of the Grand Master

Would you like to KNOW The Kyusho Principles of the Grand Master? Have you ever wondered what makes these men and women so AMAZING? If you answer YES, then this is perhaps the Most Important message you will read all YEAR!

Dear Fellow Martial Artists,

If you are reading this message, then I know you want to know.  After 15 years of intense study of the art and science of pressure point study called Kyusho Jitsu I have refined this information into a formula that is easily teachable to the student who just cannot get enough!

This eBook is not for everyone. It goes in depth with more information, more details on how to make pressure points work in almost every occasion and on everyone you encounter!

In this book I will be talking about what are essentially the 5 FINAL Principles, but these are also divided into sub-principle which will all be included!

So who is this eBook for?

Anyone who…

  • Is serious about the study of Kyusho
  • Has the ability to work and train the contents of the eBook
  • Is open minded and ready to learn!

Who is it NOT for?

  • Anyone who has not done the basics!
  • Someone who thinks they have all the answers
  • Those who is not active in the martial arts

What is in this NEW eBook? Detailed information on the following

  • Influential Pressure Points
  • Indicator Pressure Points
  • Confluent Pressure Points
  • Collateral Pressure Points
  • Extraordinary Points
  • Special Alarm Points

This eBook is NOT for the NOVICE!!
Updated to Edition 2.0 July 2021

English and Spanish Editions

ONLY $29.97

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