Self Defense for Disabilities

* Self Defense for Disabilities

Thugs and punks prey on the weak. It has been this way since the dawn of time. The elderly and those who have a wide variety of disabilities are often targeted by this scum of society.   So at the request of a student I am going to bring forth a new eBook called Self Defense for Disabilities

Back in the early 2000's after the founding of my Dojo we began to teach people with disabilities, specifically the MS Society Cane Self Defense

We also taught the Seniors of both Windsor and London Ontario. And these courses were very well received.

My favorite time however was working with the CNIB (Canadian Institute for the Blind).

And the good news is that is is possible for all these people ward off an attacker. 

What is this book about?

In this new eBook called Self Defense for Disabilities I am going to look at many example of effective self defense that can work for a wide variety of people and situations. 

These will include:

1) Laws of Motion

2) Easy to access pressure points

3) Cane Defense Basics

4) Controlling Distance

5) Awareness of the environment

6) Simple strikes and counters

And much more!

The book will be a combination of detailed text as well as images to help make the information clear! I strongly recommend this eBook for any martial artist interested in teaching these groups of people to be safe on today's dangerous streets!

Self Defense for Disabilities is a must have for all serious students of self defense.

English and Spanish Editions
Bonus Audiobook in English

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ONLY $29.97

All proceeds go to my Romanian Dog Rescue.
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