Special Application Pressure Points

* Special Application Pressure Points

I discovered these pressure points, which I refer to as Special Application Pressure Points back in 2009. I was assisting Grand Master Steve Stewart in the videoing of an Instructor Certification level when he brought them to light. And during this process I took copious notes on the subject.

But I had no idea of where it would lead.

I have touched upon this set of 4 very Special Application Pressure Points before. I have done 2 video courses, very high level video course that use them. That was Kill Shot Pressure Points and Dim Mak Theories to Street Applications. But I have not as of yet gone into depth on just how they work and why they are not just popular to read about, so so very important.

Kill Shots Pressure Points was based on the use of Confluent Pressure Points, and Dim Mak Theories to Street Application based on Influential Pressure Points. These are both massively powerful courses! But these courses while giving great information what can be implemented into training, it is only a start.

Imagine something so complex that once learned and understood is ridiculously simple. But you have to have a solid foundation to make it work. You have to do the work.

What is Special Application Pressure Points about?

It is about 4 sets of very special pressure points. Let see what they are.

  1. Confluent Pressure Points
  2. Collateral Pressure Points
  3. Influential Pressure Points
  4. Underlying Indicator Pressure Points

And if you are not familiar with these Special Application Pressure Points each of the above is linked to an article to give you some ground work on what they are and why they are so special.  When you understand these and begin to work them with an Uke then these pressure point sets will blow your mind! Influential Pressure Points are featured in the Dim Mak Theories to Street Applications Video Course. And Confluent Pressure Points are featured in Kill Shot Pressure Points.

This is perhaps the most powerful Kyusho Jitsu information ever released to the general public.

I have put this important book back online as it is essential information to be used as part of the Secrets of Kyusho Jitsu Series. Especially Dim Mak's Vibrating Palm


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