Success Teaching Kyusho Jitsu

For Fun and Profit

* Success teaching Kyusho for fun and profit

Success Teaching Kyusho: Success in the martial arts teaching industry is a challenge. However there are very clear paths to success! Released summer 2019 is my new  eBook for those who wish to teaching the science of pressure point self defense in their schools, area or on a seminar circuit.

How is success achieved? The use of proven systems! No matter where you life, you can be a Success Teaching Kyusho Jitsu! This eBook will talk about the following topics.

  • Setting up an online business with Kyusho in Mind
  • Marketing for building successful study groups
  • Developing a website
  • Promoting seminars and courses
  • Motivating yourself for success
  • And much more

This will be the definitive guide to success in the Kyusho Jitsu World! Many of the elements found in this eBook can also be successful applied to any part of the martial arts business world. However the specific focus is on Teaching Kyusho Jitsu. I have been mentor by the best martial arts entrepreneurs in the business and I am bringing this information to you in this new book! The content is aimed at teaching Kyusho Jitsu, but you can also apply it to Dojo operations too! 

This book will be the bible for those interested in developing the business skills necessary to be successful in teaching Kyusho Jitsu commercially and not losing money doing it! And the great news is unlike many martial art related business books this one is not going to cost you an arm and leg!

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