Bunkai the Art of Kata Interpretation

Bunkai the Art of Kata Interpretation

Martial Art forms, patterns, Hyung or Kata are a cornerstone to all true martial art training. But many do not understand the depth and meaning of this practice. And because of this many students do not pay the attention to it that Kata deserves. In this all new book entitled "Bunkai the Art of Kata Interpretation" I am going to address the understanding of Kata.

There are traditional breakdowns. And that is fine, that is tradition! But tradition often times falls short of understanding. Traditions are typically accepted, not studied.

Have you ever wondered why you do certain movements in a Kata and yet you never repeat those movements in an application or technique?

That is because no one has ever linked the movements together for you. 

Until now!

In Bunkai the Art of Kata Interpretation I am going to explain this, and how there is no wasted movement in any martial of your martial art of style. And because the pressure point science and in all martial arts you will also see the Kyusho Jitsu application to everything you do.

Kata are made up of what I call "foundational movement." And these motions in advanced training must be seen and applied in all aspects of training.  As an example a "down block" is done in some systems with one hand, and in others there is movement in both arms? Why is this? 

The reason is not one style being more efficient that another, these two movement have completely different purposes. And when you study and apply the teaching in this book called Bunkai the Art of Kata Interpretation you will not only see the difference, you will understand the difference.

So why am I writing this eBook now? I have been considering it for a long time, and recently one student did request I do this! However a few weeks back I had one of my Hapkido Black Belts ask me about a movement in one of our Kata. She did not see any purpose to the movement at all! And she was very frustrated with this! 

When I explained to her an example of the interpretation I could almost see the fireworks go off in her brain! That led to even more understandings! So the time is right now for this book!

What will I cover in this?

  • How to Breakdown all basic foundational movements.
  • Why one arm motion vs two arm motion is used
  • Positions of arms during and after movement, why does this matter?
  • Is it only one attacker of multiple?
  • Changing Kata from Dojo to street defense.
  • Being able to interpret a Kata without changing the movement.
  • Pressure Point / Kyusho Jitsu Targeting
  • Seeing application of a Kata in any Kata.
  • And much more!

Back in 2017 I did a video course on Kyusho Kata Interpretation which is a great course. This eBook will go far above and beyond that one. I am going to leave nothing out! I do suggest as supplemental reading my eBook on the Power of the Kyusho 5 Element Theory, but it is not a requirement. This eBook is for any style or level of martial arts training!

This eBook will connect all the dots for you within your current root art!  
"Bunkai the Art of Kata Interpretation"
English & Spanish Editions 

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