The Power of Kyusho 5 Element Theory

* Kyusho 5 Element Theory

This morning I was sitting at my computer finishing off the work on the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu Online Edition. And I have learned so much working on that project. Because the encyclopedia is designed based on how the human mind works. And that led me to some revelations. This time on the Power of the Kyusho 5 Element Theory.

Most Kyusho Jitsu teachers have abandoned this theory. Personally i think it is foolish to do so. And I have seen the results too! Poor quality students.

When I began my Kyusho Jitsu path Grand Master Steve Stewart told us that the Cycle of Destruction was the foundation of all of Kyusho Jitsu. And this is VERY true. However when I pictured this I saw a basement built with concrete blocks.

But I did not understand how DEEP that foundation is. And that it is so much more than just the Cycle of Destruction. The Cycle of Destruction while very important is only PART of the Kyusho 5 Element Theory!

And NOW I truly understand this! 

I have connected the dots and see a very different picture. And foolishly I am going to share this knowledge via an eBook! The reason for an eBook are many, however I believe this is best taught in writing and not video. I do touch on this on my video course Applying the Principles of Kyusho. But not in any real depth like I will now. 

What is this about?

Let me breakdown where I am going with this!

  • History of the 5 Element Theories
  • Why 5 Elements and not 4?
  • Destructive and Healing Aspects
  • Relation to Body Typing
  • Why are there 4 Fire Meridians?
  • What are Underlying Indicator Points and how do they link to this theory?
  • How are the 24 Hour Cycle and Yin / Yang really 5 element theory?
  • Basing all Kyusho on the 5 Element Theory
  • Sound & Colour and their ties to healing and destruction.
  • And much more!

This is NOT a lesson in the 15 principles of Kyusho, this is something very different!

And in my learning over the last 6 to 9 months I have had quantum leaps in understanding. The Power of Kyusho 5 Element Theory is one example. After I finished Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian I was not going to write any more eBooks, but this information is just too critical. I have also fully realized that OLD Knowledge is the BEST knowledge!

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