Kosho Ryu Book of Cane

* Kosho Ryu Book of Cane

Kosho Ryu Book of Cane - Natural Laws of Weapon Defense. The Cane is a powerful tool for self defense. Over time I have offered 2 different Cane Courses. One called Beginners Hapkido Cane Defense and Mastering the Hapkido Cane. Most of all in the later I began to open the door on the use of cane with Kosho Ryu concepts in it.

Now I am going to open the door completely with my new book called Kosho Ryu Book of Cane. Firstly I want to state this is my second book about cane. Most importantly this book is for the able bodied.  Also I have a book called Self Defense for Disabilities which is focused on Cane Defense for those who have mobility issues. 

Kosho Ryu Book of Cane

This book is different. So, what are Kosho Ryu Concepts? These are the theories and principles that govern movement, the natural laws of motion. For example most weapon systems are about standing and fighting. On the other hand this book teaches moving and defending.  

The martial arts in the west, the vast majority of them are missing about 70% of their information. And this is because of many reasons. One reason is the western world and its obsession with sport. Secondly many of the masters of old only taught the full systems to only a few students. Many of those students are gone today.

Teachings of Old

However some are still with us, and some of the masters of old teachings are coming out. I have been very blessed to have been taught much of this information.  Hence, as I continue, after almost 40 years in the arts, continue to learn, I will share with you in you are interested.

Most of all the Cane is a great self defense tool! And in modern times it is the best choice. There is no license needed and therefore anyone can carry one. Plus, "lawfully" no one can ask you WHY you have a cane with you. And ALL martial artists need to know the laws of where they reside. When it comes to self defense mastering the cane is a game changer!

Most of all Kosho Shorie Ryu is a complete martial art system. It is one of the few that is left today. Therefore no matter what your root martial art is Kosho and its concepts can be added to what yo do to make everything, and especially pressure points much more effective.  And I know not everyone is interested in a full Kosho Ryu Course. And if that is you, then this book Kosho Ryu Book of Cane is for you!

What is in this book?

  • Understanding the attacker and how they MUST move
  • Seeing the angles available to you
  • using the Cane with natural motion to disable the attacker.
  • Striking without striking
  • And much more!

This book is was released on February 1st 2022. And this is the second book in a series on the Concepts and Theories of Kosho Ryu. The 1st book being a great book for beginners to Kosho called Mastering the Octagon. Therefore if you are new to Kosho it is a great place to start the learning.

And the best news! These concepts can be used with any traditional martial art weapon!

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