Kyusho Book of Changes

* Kyusho Book of Changes

Kyusho Book of Changes is Part Four of the Secrets of Kyusho Jitsu series. And to me this is the most exciting. When I began my Kyusho Jitsu education I had been focusing of the Study of Natural Laws of Kosho Shorie Ryu.  I also recently wrote a very important book on the Kyusho study path called Mastering the Octagon

What is this fourth chapter about? Based on perhaps the oldest book in the world the I-Ching Book of Changes, this book will look at the relationship of attacking a pressure point and the constantly changing circumstances that dictate success of failure.

Have you wondered why some people are so successful with pressure points and others not so much. What did he masters of old, ones who never even said the word pressure points or Kyusho know that they did not teach?

Well my journey and with the help of some amazing martial art teachers I have connected the dots. In the modern work the I-Ching is being used for "fortune telling" which is not the purpose.

Yes because it is the I-Ching which is an understanding of "change" it can be possible to find likelihoods of outcomes. But the nature of chance also contradicts this idea.

But this is not what I am covering in this book! I am talking about the ability to see what an attacker is doing, how the attack will proceed and therefore how to launch a counter attack. And then to understand what natural movement you counter with and what the angles will be.

I am tying everything together!

* Kyusho Book of Changes

The I-Ching is based on Hexagrams, 64 of them. As you can see above. These Hexagrams are see often in nature but go unnoticed by most people. The I-Ching also has a basis in cosmology, and so does Kyusho! This ties into the 6th principle of the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle. 

I first read this book in 2000 and it gave me a big headache. But as I time when by I began to see the connection. So now we have the Kyusho Book of Changes to understand these concepts, and then apply them your martial arts system. This is the connection between Kyusho and Natural Laws of the Octagon.

But that is not all! This is also to be combined heavily with the teaching of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, as well as referencing the Art of War from Sun Tzu. And all of this relates together. This information, once part of the martial arts has been lost over the centuries, especially in the 20th century. Now I am going to work to bring this all back. 

* Kyusho Book of Changes

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