Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory

* Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory

The Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory is something few martial artist really learn. The Yin/Yang theory is perhaps the most difficult of all the 15 Kyusho Jitsu Principles to really get a deep understanding of. Most just consider it a world of opposites. When in truth it is far from that. 

It also has a deep relationship to the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle. But to understand the Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory is to come to an understanding of all things related to Kyusho Jitsu. And also, oddly, it gives insight into all of martial art training and life itself.

The Yin/Yang symbol is considered to be the oldest symbol on earth. And its placement is even critical in getting the benefits from it. Most people are clueless as to its power. But after much consideration, and because I wrote a book on the Power of the 5 Element Theory I decided I must write this book too!

Superficially people tend to view the theory as opposites. The example are as follows:

  • right and left
  • good and bad
  • male and female
  • positive and negative
  • up and down
  • wrong and right

Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory

But this view misses everything! Therefore I am going to disclose everything I have learned about the Power of Kyusho Yin Yang Theory in this all new book. And the best part is this will make your Kyusho Jitsu amazing, and help with your general martial arts training as well.

This theory has deep ties into Taoism and the martial arts in general. But much of this information has been lost over the decades of modern martial art study. and I believe it is time to bring back as much of the teachings of the masters of old as possible.  And therefore here is another book doing exactly that! Taking martial arts and Kyusho Jitsu back to its roots. 

Plus you will end up with a different view on this crazy world we live in as well! 

What will be in this book?

  • Yin / Yang principle from the view of the diurnal cycle
  • How energy flows
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine views on Yin/Yang
  • How the symbol works in Kyusho
  • Walking the balance between the two halves
  • Seeing the illusion of duality
  • Natural Laws that are Yin/Yang
  • And much more!!

This book will not only help your martial art but also give you an understanding to deal with the insane world we are currently living in. Look at the book as self defense for life!

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